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In 2018, the development status of electric treadmills in Europe, Japan, and the United States and analysis of the future development space of electric treadmills in China [Figure]

    Electric treadmills are positioned as sports and health consumer goods. Compared with pure electric bicycles, they are not just a traditional means of transportation. On the premise of not changing the characteristics of "riding", electric treadmills make riding easier and provide the need to consume part of the physical energy for sports activities for short- and medium-distance travel, so that cyclists can experience riding in human-computer interaction. Fun, focus on sports and health.

    Electric treadmills can meet the commuting needs, but also can better meet the needs of outings, outdoor sports, etc., and provide consumers with more diversified choices. Therefore, electric treadmills have gradually penetrated into sports hobbyists and younger consumers. Compared with traditional electric bicycles, the price of electric treadmills is higher (foreign wheel-motor electric treadmills are priced at more than 500 euros, and mid-motor electric treadmills are priced at more than 1800 euros). The difference in pricing reflects the non-product positioning. Basic transportation tools.

    An electric treadmill is a personal transportation tool that not only has the lightness and convenience of a bicycle, but also can effectively make up for the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind, and load. It is based on a traditional bicycle, equipped with a sensor-centric power system, equipped with a motor and battery. At present, the main consumption places of electric bicycles are concentrated in Europe, the United States and Japan, which are obviously different from traditional electric bicycles in China.

1. Foreign demand

     Electric treadmills have developed rapidly in the European market, with sales increasing from 98,000 units in 2006 to 2,088,000 units in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 32.06% in the past 11 years. In 2018, sales of electric bicycles in Europe were 2.5 million units, a year-on-year growth rate of 20%, maintaining a high level of prosperity. It is expected that the European market will maintain a relatively high growth rate in the next 3-5 years. In addition, out of support for healthy and low-carbon travel, some European countries have subsidies for electric bicycles.

2009-2018 European electric bicycle sales and year-on-year growth trend

Data source: compilation of public information

Electric vehicle sales and year-on-year growth trends in some European countries in 2018

Data source: compilation of public information

List of relevant subsidy information of some European countries


Related subsidy policy information
For purchases before January 31, 2018, a bicycle subsidy of 200 Euros; Paris plans to provide a subsidy of 500 Euros for a bicycle after February 20220
Oslo, Norway
20% car purchase compensation (up to 600 USD), electric delivery truck up to 1,200 USD
A bicycle subsidy of 250 Euros and a quota of 1,000 vehicles has been proposed, which has not yet been implemented
The bicycle subsidy is planned for 400 Euros. In April 2018, the Finnish Ministry of Transport temporarily promoted the subsidy policy


Data source: compilation of public information

     Early European electric bicycle companies generally adopted speed sensors. This is because: ①Early European companies did not master the torque sensor technology, so they used speed sensors with relatively low technical barriers; ②Europe did not stipulate manpower when riding electric bicycles. It is proportional to the mechanical power, so the torque sensor is not a necessary part of European electric treadmills. However, with the expansion of the application field of electric treadmills, the advantages of torque sensors over speed sensors have emerged from the original riding on roads to mountain and snow riding. Facing the increasing market demand, European manufacturers have also begun to invest heavily in the research and development of torque sensors. At present, European manufacturers headed by Bosch have mastered mature torque sensor technology and applied it to production. In recent years, the European bicycle market has generally shown an upward trend. From the internal analysis of the bicycle market, the traditional bicycle industry is showing a downward trend, with the scale of production and sales shrinking year by year, while the market scale of electric treadmills continues to expand and sales are rising year by year, which has become the main force driving the European bicycle industry.In 2020, the proportion of electric bicycles in bicycle retail sales will rise to 50%.” This means that the annual sales of electric bicycles in the European market will reach ten million units by 2020. With the continuous refinement of the social division of labor, modern design With the continuous development of, driving and battery technologies, coupled with new business models, electric scooters are becoming more and more attractive to consumers and enterprises. In addition, European electric scooters are getting younger and younger and their needs are becoming more diverse. 

     At present, Europe has surpassed Japan to become the world's largest consumer market for electric treadmills. The issuer specializes in the R&D and production of electric treadmill motors and supporting electrical systems. At present, it has mastered the mature technology of electric treadmill motors and supporting electrical systems. The products have been mass-produced and the quality has reached EU standards. With excellent product quality, it has been widely welcomed by European customers.

     Domestic companies gradually enter the Japanese market: The Japanese e-travel market is mainly occupied by local companies such as Yamaha, Panasonic, and Bridgestone. The main customer groups are middle-aged and elderly women and children. Although the barriers for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market are relatively high (torque sensors are technical barriers that are difficult to bypass), from the perspective of promoting capital injection in the industry and encouraging healthy competition among enterprises, Japan imposes a zero tax rate on the import of electric treadmills. A 5% consumption tax is levied. Domestic companies that are currently competitive in torque sensors are accelerating their entry into the Japanese market, competing with companies such as Yamaha, Panasonic, and Bridgestone in the Japanese market. In addition, Japan provides certain subsidies for electric treadmill users to support electric treadmill applications.

     The US market has explosive potential: Compared with the Japanese and European markets, electric treadmills entered the North American market later, with an average sales volume of 250,000 to 300,000 units, and a penetration rate of less than 2%, mainly due to legislative flaws. There are certain differences in the definition and management of electric bicycles in some state legislation and federal laws. The attitude of individual states towards electric bicycles is quite different from the federal law. It is expected that after the legislation is clear, the sales of electric treadmills in the US market may increase substantially.

Subsidy policies in some cities in Japan


Subsidy policy
Kumagaya City
Car buyers with more than 2 people can enjoy the purchase cost subsidy, up to 30,000 yen
Ashikaga City
Elderly people over 65 years old who do not own a private car can enjoy a 1/4 subsidy of the purchase cost of an electric bicycle, up to a discount of 15,000 yen
Car buyers who have a driver’s license and a residence in the city (both local residents or foreigners) can enjoy a 1/3 subsidy of the purchase cost, up to a maximum of 30,000 yen


Data source: compilation of public information

There are differences between US federal law and some state legislation


Federal law
State legislation
Related states
The top speed is less than 32km/h not
Belonging to a motor vehicle
Most states have the same, some states have the highest regulations Speed less than 48km/h is not a machine Motor vehicle
California, Oklahoma, Kansas,
Maryland, Connecticut, Hawaii, Aida
Holland, Kentucky
Whether to allow on the road
Allowed, but prohibited by individual states
Illinois, New York
Do you need to go through formalities
Not needed
Most states are the same, some states require
Michigan, Minnesota
Do you need insurance
Not needed
Most states are the same, some states require 
North Dakota
age limit
16 years old
Most states are the same, some states are under 16 years old
Arkansas Week 10 years old, Alabama, Virginia
State 14 years old, Louisiana 15 years old
Safety Device
Braking device, headlights,
Reflector, helmet, etc.
Detailed regulations
Detailed regulations


Data source: compilation of public information

2. my country

     In terms of market size, there is an order of magnitude difference between electric treadmills and traditional electric bicycles. The competition of traditional electric bicycles in China is fierce. Most small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry have low technology and no independent innovation capabilities. The product types are mainly low-grade and low-value-added products. The market competition mainly relies on price competition, and R&D investment is small , Manufacturers rely on volume to obtain profits, and the phenomenon of homogeneity is serious. Compared with traditional electric bicycle companies in China, there are not many first-tier electric bicycle brands overseas. The annual sales of major brands of electric bicycles are about 100,000 units, and the annual sales of most electric bicycle brands are in the thousands to tens of thousands. Between Taiwan and Taiwan, the market structure is relatively stable, paying more attention to non-price competition factors such as brand, product quality, product technology level and innovation, marketing and service. Market competition is mainly reflected in the aspects of individualization and differentiation. As the core component of electrical system products It often has the characteristics of customization, small batch, and fast iteration.

The electrical system of electric treadmills is different from that of traditional electric bicycles


Traditional electric bicycle
Electric treadmill
Generally, it is a hub DC brushless direct drive motor, usually installed at the hub, with large volume, heavy weight and simple structure
The hub motor is a DC brushless geared motor with a clutch and a deceleration device. It is small in size and relatively complex in structure. The middle motor is installed in the position of the bottom bracket of the electric treadmill and has a built-in controller and sensor. It is an "integrated" electrical system , It has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high efficiency and wide platform. The torque of different gears of the motor can be changed through the speed change system and current gear, so that the torque output of the motor can be adjusted more widely, so as to obtain greater climbing Ability, and can obtain relatively high efficiency under different conditions, save battery usage, and extend continuous mileage
The control algorithm is relatively simple
The control algorithm is more complicated. A riding profile is created based on the information collected by the sensor, and the motor output is dynamically adjusted to provide the correct level of pedal assistance. Higher requirements for components and relatively small volume
Mainly display data such as riding speed and battery power, no interactive interface
The instrument has rich functions, which can display information such as speed, mileage, power, mode, gear position, etc.; can be used for power-assisted gear adjustment, switch power-assisted promotion mode; can be used for cycling data monitoring, and error notifications for part of the vehicle failure; Bluetooth Connect to mobile phones and other devices to upload riding data. The materials include ordinary LED meters and mid-to-high-end LCD meters and OLED meters
The sensor is used to capture the riding signal (torque sensor collects the pedaling force of the rider; speed sensor collects the speed signal), and then understand the rider's riding intention, and drive the motor to provide corresponding power. Compared to speed sensors, torque sensors are more sensitive and can detect subtle changes. The speed sensor has a long response time, with only a few steps of the size, and there will be a sense of lag when riding. The torque sensor collects torque signals all the time, which is a linear output, which is more suitable for riding in complex road conditions such as climbing and mountain.
Due to cost reasons, lead-acid batteries are mainly used. Lead-acid batteries have low battery life and less repeated use. There are still greater safety risks. If they are not properly recycled after being scrapped, they will cause huge pollution to the environment and water sources. At present, the proportion of lithium batteries is gradually increasing
Mainly use lithium batteries; due to the riding characteristics of electric treadmills, the battery with the same capacity, the cruising range of electric treadmills is about 1.5-2 times that of traditional electric bicycles


Data source: compilation of public information

    With the continuous improvement of our national living standards and the increase in purchasing power, we can also afford the price of electric treadmill products. Electric treadmills with both human riding and motor-assisted power will become an option for people to travel longer distances. Now some companies have begun to try to promote electric treadmills in China.

    In October 2015, Qingke released its first electric treadmill product TSINOVA; in June 2016, Xiaomi also released its first electric treadmill product "Mijia Qiji", and added a foldable function , It is convenient for users to carry in corridors, subways and other places; In May 2017, PESU exhibited its mid-mount motor mountain bikes and commuter travel bikes at the China International Bicycle Exhibition in Shanghai. ; In May 2017, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province launched the country's first shared electric treadmill system.

    In May 2017, Perpetual Travel took the innovative product "Permanent Electric Treadmill" as its entry point, and carried out project verification in Shanghai Pudong New Area, and officially settled in Yangzhou in November 2017 for re-verification; In January 2018, Perpetual Travel announced Completed an angel round of financing of RMB 100 million, strategically invested by Qianchuan Capital, to provide the market with a total solution of "2 rounds + 4 rounds" for short- and medium-distance smart travel.

    On July 5, 2018, Mobike released a new generation of shared travel products-Mobike Moped E-Bike. The weight of this bicycle is only 25.5kg. It uses the same battery as Tesla and its highest The speed can reach 20 kilometers per hour, and the maximum endurance can reach 70 kilometers. Currently, Mobike's mopeds are being tested in Guanghan, Sichuan, and will land in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou in the future. Another bike-sharing giant, Haro Travel, also launched a shared moped. It has now settled in more than 100 cities across the country and has cycled a total of 580 million kilometers.

    On May 15, 2018, the new version of the mandatory national standard (GB17761-2018) of the "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" was released and officially implemented on April 15, 2019. The new national standards stipulate the main technical requirements and corresponding test methods for the safety of electric bicycles, including vehicle safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety, fire resistance, flame retardancy, radio disturbance characteristics, and operating instructions. The new national standards impose mandatory regulations on pedal riding functions, which will greatly promote the development of my country's electric bicycle industry. After the implementation of corresponding policies, my country's electric bicycle market will have a very broad prospect.

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